Meraki Cloud WiFi from Cisco

Meraki cloud technology offers enterprise grade secure wireless networking at preferential rates for the Education market.

Cisco Meraki’s wireless networks automatically optimize and deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions — without the bottlenecks of hardware controllers.

Once installed the web interface is intuitive and requires the minimum of user training.

Features & Benefits

The features of Cisco Meraki include the following:

  • Access Points serving 100+ users
  • Easy expansion
  • Designed for BYOD use
  • Refined Content Filtering
  • Identity based security
  • Single click integration of Google safe search
  • YouTube for schools safe video
  • Campus wide monitoring
  • Easy isolation of inappropriate use
  • These features enable the School, College or University to offer campus wide secure wireless access providing the students and staff with a utility style service.

    As part of the installation handover, school IT staff will be shown how to administer the Meraki network.
    Several post-sales support options are available depending on the level of support required.

    Greenlight Expertise

    Greenlight network technicians & consultants have undergone significant training to enable them to design, install & operate the latest in Cloud managed networks. Ongoing support and management can be delivered locally by your ICT team or through Greenlight.

    Meraki Cloud WiFi from Cisco Users

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