E-Supply Desk

Greenlight Education prides itself in being the easiest to deal with supplier of new & refurbished ICT hardware & software in the UK.
The selection of the appropriate computer equipment for your organisation is daunting. The Greenlight team focus on making this process as easy as possible. Simply tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will source the ideal hardware for you.

We work directly with the major Manufacturers and can also source refurbished products where budget are under pressure.
The performance of your Network is only as good as the weakest point in the chain. We work with our clients to ensure the network components you procure will not become a blocker to future learning.

As things move into the Cloud and E-Learning resources are transferred around your network the demand for ever larger capacity is an ongoing challenge, we can help.
Specifying expensive server and storage solutions is critical to operating any education establishment. From a University with hundreds of virtual servers on super computer hosts to a primary school with a single server for business administration we have worked with all groups.

Whether you are thinking of Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise solutions we can assist with the specification and sourcing to ensure the initial fit and post-sales support is in place.
Security is a multi-faceted topic in Education and we may not know all the answers but we will know a partner that does. Physical security (laptop trolleys, kensington locks, security sprays etc), Data security (Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Encryption etc) and Personal security (perimeter monitoring, cashless transaction etc).

If you are not sure where to go, give us a call and we are likely to know the right product and other reference clients for it.
Integrated audio visual technologies are central to teaching strategies in the modern day classroom. 2D, 3D & even 4D solutions are now on the market and they demand the latest audio visual technologies to operate.

Electronic whiteboards are now making way for touch screens in many classrooms but not all have the warranties and post-sales support you might expect. Talk to us before you buy.
Greenlight Education offer a wide range of Education Software & E-Learning tools to support your School's teaching and learning objectives. New products hit the market every month and we work with the key vendors to ensure their products are fit for the UK Education marketplace before promoting them to our clients.

Every need has an application but not all applications are necessarily right for your setup.

Best Sellers

Budget Desktop

HP 280 G1 MT Desktop (Intel i3 / 4GB RAM / 500GB HDD / DVD Writer / Win 7 pro / 1yr Warranty).

Ideal budget classroom computer, new, robust & low cost.


AOC 24" LED HDMI Monitor (1920x1080 HD / VGA+2xHDMI / Wall mountable / Tilt 5/15)

Ideal for your heavy use areas, good for large processing & storage.

Refurb Desktop

Dell Optiplex Gx980 Small Form Factor Refurbished Desktop (intel i5 / 4GB RAM / 250GB HDD / DVD Writer / Win 7 Pro / 2yr Warranty)

Refurbished PC built to last, cleaned & ready to go.

Standard Laptop

Lenovo Essential B50-80 Laptop (Intel i5 / 4GB RAM / 500GB HDD / Win 7 pro / 15.6" Screen / DVD Writer / 1yr Warranty)

Good processor for a budget laptop, Lenovo build robust chasis.


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550 Laptop (Intel i5 / 8GB RAM / 192GB SSD / 15.6" screen / DVD Writer / 1yr Warranty)

Excellent Laptop for the money, durable chasis, fast processor, RAM & SSD.


AOC 24" LED HDMI Monitor (1920x1080 HD / VGA+2xHDMI / Wall mountable / Tilt 5/15)

AOC makes 24" monitors affordable and resillient.


ESET End point Anti-virus - 100 license bundle 2yrs

With 50% discount included for all Education clients, business grade AV is cost effective.
(3rd year free offer currently running).