Avidanet Live from Televic

AVIDAnet Live is a professional digital language lab solution which makes delivering multimedia based lessons easier than ever before. AVIDAnet Live software helps teachers engage students in live learning activities, combining the 4 major language skills: listening, speaking, reading & writing.
AVIDAnet Live can be used in new or existing ICT classroom settings in a range of configurations to suit the client. Configurations include software only, professional digital, wireless operation & class room management only. Where required computers, networking, audio visual and furniture components can also be added.
As the primary UK Distributer of AVIDAnet Live Digital Language Lab the Greenlight Education team provides expertise in pre-sales design, installation, training and post-sales support.

Features & Benefits

The features of AVIDAnet Live Digital Language Lab include the following:

  • Classroom management
  • Audio monitoring and communication
  • Multimedia access including the web
  • Exam and restricted modes
  • Pairing and group conversation
  • Full teacher – student interaction
  • File transfer, launch and auto collect
  • Browse control
  • Voting systems to enable class understanding
  • Sonus 2 track recording with extensive feature set
  • Easy intuitive teacher controls and student

These features enable the teacher to maximise the learning for each student, interaction with groups or individuals is easy and efficient.

As part of the installation handover school IT staff will be shown how to manage the AVIDAnet Live Digital Language Lab environment and teaching staff will be given user training at their own pace.

Several post-sales support options are available depending on the level of support required.

Greenlight Expertise

The Greenlight expertise in AVIDAnet Live includes sales consultants, solution designers, technicians and associate trainers.

The Greenlight team work in tandem with Televic Education HQ in Belgium and Televic UK to ensure we have the team needed to support the AVIDAnet client base in the UK.

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