About Greenlight Education

Greenlight Education is a division of Greenlight Computers Ltd. We have provided a wide variety of ICT products & services to Schools, Colleges & Universities over many years.

The Greenlight Education website showcases those solutions most highly regarded by our clients (your colleagues) & where Greenlight staff are fully qualified to install & support them.

We assess the ICT solutions we represent on four key criteria, to ensure they are the best on the market.

  • Impact on Learning Outcomes – Does the technology offer opportunities to increase teaching effectiveness & student achievement?
  • Easy to Use - Can staff master the technology quickly & embed into lesson plans?
  • Reliability - essential to ensure your investments get fully utilised.
  • Value For Money – is this solution the best option to achieve our goals?
  • If you are interested in any of our current offerings please contact us for a quote or further information. We would also be delighted to hear any recommendations you may have for other ICT Solutions for Education, based on your user experience.

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